Whether they’ve been in your life since day one or not, veteran horses are worth their weight in gold. Here’s why we love them so much:

  1. They know the deal

When it’s time to come in from the field, you don’t even need a headcollar. Simply open the gate and the door to his stable and he will find his own way.

  1. They tend to be more tolerant

If you decide that’s it’s about time your long-suffering, reluctant, novice other half learnt to ride, your veteran will just about put up with them wobbling in the saddle in an attempt to perfect a rising trot.

  1. If they’re not vice-free you know exactly what their vices are and how to manage them

So what if they try to nip you when you put their rugs on? Or they hate having their heads clipped out. You both know that they don’t like it and you have your pre-agreed compromise in place so that neither of you end up offended (or with a chunk taken out of your arm).

  1. Just because they’re old in body, doesn’t mean they’re old in mind

Give them an open field and a free-rein and they’ll soon show you they’ve still got it.

  1. They just want to be loved

When it comes to bedtime or grooming, you know the spot they love to have itched and you’re more than happy to stand their for hours just to watch the joy they get from it.

  1. You need them as much as they need you

We’d be lost without them, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  1. Like good wine and cheese they can improve with age

If they are looking better than ever in their veteran years, why stop them from getting out there and showing off? There are so many veteran classes these days plus plenty of other events where they can be the centre of attention.

  1. They can be ideal ‘nannies’

Great if you have a young horse (provided your veteran keeps his sensible hat on out hacking!) to show them the way, and how to behave. This is where point number two comes in quite useful with your long-suffering other half!

  1. They are the king/queen of the yard and that’s just fine

Because they are. They may not have been on the yard for the longest, but they have been on this planet for the most years, hence why they deserve their own crown. And trust us, those wise eyes will thank you when they get fed first each day!

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