“On Saturday I went to Chepstow Horse Trials. It was a firt run in a novice for both me andmy mare Banoffee.

“Banoffee isn't built for eventing, especially not in the heat we have been having as she is a gypsy cob who gets clipped out to look the part.

“Dressage and show jumping went as planned but the cross country course was causing so many problems that I had to warm up three times in total due to the course being on hold for more than 40 minutes following a fall.

“We eventually set off and produced a stunning clear, but when we were nearing the finish I could tell that the course and heat had really taken it out of her.

“Despite getting off, untacking and washing off as quickly as possible, Banoffee was really struggling to recover. After 20 minutes she was still blowing hard, looking a bit shaky and refusing to drink.

“At this point we were really worried but I remembered that we had some Vetrofen Intense saches so we gave her two of them via a syringe with water and could not believe the difference we saw.

“Less than 10 minutes later we could tell that she was already so much happier and was starting to drink and want to eat and her breathing was back to normal!

“If we did not have your product it would have been likely we would have needed the vet and had a lot more to worry about. As it is, she travelled home happily and is back to her silly self who refused to do boring dressage today as she has way too much energy.

We were almost left speechless at how well Vetrofen Intense worked and will definitely be purchasing some more to help prevent her getting to that point again.

“Thanks again for providing such a brilliant product that helped us in a very worrying situation.”