My eventer Pie has been away from competitions for about 18 months now and has provided the vets with a certain amount of head scratching.

He presented with symptoms of being uncomfortable leading us to look at and treat various things but I still felt we hadn’t reached a point where he was comfortable even just for hacking out and was considering whether I should just turn him away. One of the highlights of our last summer of competing was doing the 3 DE a the BRC National championships which was sponsored by Animalife.

So having seen advertising of the relaunch of Vetrofen I was keen to talk to their representatives at Badminton. Coming from a scientific background in my working life I try and make sure I’m giving my horse the best I can find and like to do my research before parting with my hard earned pennies too!

Pie has some oddities in his front foot confirmation that is likely however carefully he’s shod to be putting the ligaments under some extra strain and we have medicated his sacroiliac area which will also involve potential ligament inflammation so this supplement made perfect sense to me.

Just over a week after starting vertrofen I noticed Pie seemed much freer out on a hack and another week later and he was happier to go forward in the school. Maybe I was getting my pony back...

Well we’ve progressed to jumping and have even pencilled in some competitions (don’t tell Pie there’s “plans” afoot!) I can honestly say my pennies will continue to be spent on Vetrofen.