I came across Vetrofen at Badminton and took a couple of sachets away to try with my ExRacehorse who I event as the ground this year has been rather hard and due to his racing career I don’t know his full background. I’ve used these sachets across 2 events so far this year with some phenomenal results.

As Vetrofen starts to work within 3 hours and results can last up to 12hrs, I fed one the night before the competition and another sachet in the morning feed. On both occasions Jerry produced some of his best dressage scores and jumped 2 great double clears.

On returning from the events I always ensure he’s turned out to promote recovery and reduce any swelling. Instead of just walking off as he usually does, he went off bucking and cantering across the field as if he hadn’t competed. Checking him the following day, Jerry showed no signs of heat, swelling or stiffness and trotted up in-hand as jolly as ever.

To find a natural product that works as well as Vetrofen does is amazing, I will always make sure that my tack box has a full supply to help promote the recovery after a competition of Jerry.