How does it feel to be a Gold Medal winning Team GBR team member?

Representing my country is a huge motivation for me and something I always strive for so to be part of a Gold Medal winning Team at the World Equestrian Games was a really fantastic experience. It’s exciting to be part of the Team in the first place and for us all to be able to win the Gold Medal was very special.

How did the course ride with all the scary water features (such as Fence 20) and the weather conditions that were blowing in off the edge of Hurricane Florence?

The weather for cross country was fine and about the only window during the whole time I was there where conditions were suitable for the horses to gallop for 10 minutes! The course rode well but more up and down than we were expecting. I think everyone was worried about the hill at the end but I actually lost a lot of time on the first part of the course and was then able to make it up coming up the hill at the end.

How did your nerves and your team mates’ nerves hold out through the whole competition?

All big events are nerve wracking because you want to do your best for your horse and the whole support team of owners, sponsors and all your home team. However, with the Team environment there’s the added pressure of your performance directly impacting the result for three other riders so you definitely feel an added responsibility and pressure. We all worked really well together to support each other and I think that really helped us all perform the way we did.

What are your favourite memories of WEG?

Standing on top of the podium to receive the Gold Medal was a moment I will never forget. I was also really delighted with Quarrycrest Echo in both the dressage and the cross country. He’s come a long way in quite a short space of time and I thought he really tried hard for me in both phases.

Apart from on XC day, and delaying the show jumping, did Hurricane Florence give you any problems?

Not really to be honest - I think it was more a problem for the support team trying to rearrange flights, airport transfers, etc. at short notice! The weather on cross country day was great and the Monday was very wet but not torrential rain so as soon as it had passed the venue was ready to go again.

How did Red cope with the whole trip? Was his recovery time quick after the flights? Did he settle in OK and were the stable conditions satisfactory?

He coped great with everything. He arrived back at Maidwell in pretty identical condition to what he left so I was really pleased with that aspect. It’s the first time he’s travelled such a distance and by plane so you are heading into the unknown but he handled it all in his stride as we expected which gives you extra confidence for next time.

What will be your lasting impression of Tryon?

Team GB - World Champions!

What’s next?

We are quieter now from a competition point of view after a busy season but we still have young horses going to Osberton and then two going to the World Young Horse Championships at Le Lion D’Angers. It’s nice to be winding down after a busy season and I’m looking forward to spending some time at home being a mummy for a change!

Piggy French’s team of horses are fed Animalife’s Vetro Collection.