Talented young British rider Lily Payne is based at Sheepgate Equestrian.

Teenager Lily has built a successful career in the children-on-horses ranks, finishing sixth individually at the 2018 European Championships with Beckhouse Cancara.

Last year she took the ride on Z Flammenco (Dinky), who has been trained up to grand prix by Lottie Fry, and is an exciting junior prospect for her.

Read this great training tip from Lily Payne on rider fitness .....and then go get those bands and balls.

You do the best for your horse by feeding Animalife so are you doing the best for yourself as well? The power of the rider’s warm up is essential, especially while it is still rather chilly this time of the year.

Having a mother and brother as Pilates teachers is really useful, but having taken my warm up to a whole new level with the addition of bands and Franklin balls I am really feeling the difference in my riding and my horses are telling me too!

While I know not everyone has the luxury of Pilates classes or personal trainers, if you can just add in one or two simple stretches or warm up exercises before you get on to ride, your horse will thank you for it.

Keep it realistic and start with small achievable goals and then gradually build it up over time so you develop good warm up habits to prepare yourself.

My essential starting point is always seated on a gym ball, working through pelvic tilting and hip circling which is great for mobilising the body before riding.

I always include a hamstring stretch and hip flexor release before progressing to activating my glutes with the standing band work and band around the wrists to engage the body.

There are many variations that can be used with the Franklin balls but be sure to gain advice from a qualified Franklin Method trainer before trying them with your horse. Have fun!