With this weather riding has been interesting. One minute it's boiling hot, everyone and everything is covered in flies and the next minute we get a downpour.

I've had the farrier out which has meant early mornings as he likes to sort Cruise and I out first as the field is so close to his house, but deciding what to wear has been interesting.

Apparently it's meant to be summer, but the mornings have been drizzly so I've worn a hoody and coat...before getting too hot. Cruise hasn't been happy with this also, which resulted in our selfie being a rude one with him poking his tongue out. Either way, he has done some good work, I have taken him on to the common near us to do some schooling on grass where there are fewer distractions than in the field.

A few gallops later and some rather interesting trots whilst doing his best giraffe impression we did get some nice transition work. This wasn't what I had planned, but we achieved something positive for that day so the change of plan was beneficial for us both. We have this fun ride on Sunday,

I'm planning on heading out early to try and beat the showers but knowing our luck we'll get caught in one. It all adds to the joy of owning horses.