So we all can think of those things that you always see horse people do, but no one else... I feel like it's time that we recognise that we are not alone in doing these things! Here are some of the ones I came up with...

  • Clucking at people/cars/anything to get them to move.
  • Having insanely messy cars (generally filled with an area of straw, tack and mud)
  • Shouting "DOOR" before entering a room.
  • Talking excessively to your horse, "ohh,you like it when I scratch your rump don't you!","Come on ponies who wants some treats!"
  • Spend hours grooming your horse just for them to roll, (like seriously it makes no sense)
  • When you want people to slow down you go "wooaahh"
  • When you want people to go faster you go "trot on".
  • Having horse only social media, no pictures of you because obviously your pony is the beautiful one!
  • Use fly spray as a perfume
  • Getting strangely freaked out by flapping plastic bags ect.
  • Really wanting to bring your horse into the house!

This is what I have came up with, but if you have our own ideas leave them in the comments!