Piggy French, who this year set a new record after scoring her 14th international win of 2019 and had the most successful season of any eventer since 2008, says: “Get jobs done now which will make your life easier when things get busier during the season. Jobs like tidying save so much time down the line even if they aren’t much fun to get done in the first place.”

Suzanne Ashwell, is based in Kent and competes her two horses in BD, BE and BS. She reckons grooming, in the winter, is overrated. She could be right, with limited day light to get on board and ride!

Rachel Webb,  a Grassroots level event rider (or a Jack of all trades as she’d have it) based near Horsham, West Sussex, says: “My top time saving tip this winter is do it properly the first time and you won't have to go back and do it again !”

Sharon Edward says to wear waterproof trousers. “I ride or teach all day outdoors so it saves continually having to change into dry clothes!

Daisy Bathe, the current 2019  Charles Owen British Pony Champion riding SF Detroit and is on the British Eventing Pony squad, says: “Fill all the haynets for the day and afternoon at once. When you come to do afternoon stables, all the haynets will be filled and ready to go. 

Austin O’Connor, an Irish Olympic event rider, who has represented Ireland on senior teams seven times, and is widely regarded as a master across country, uses a jet wash for washing off muddy feet. “We have very sticky clay mud that takes forever to get off!” he explains.

Christy McLean, who is famed for bringing about the rule change which enabled her to compete the mule Wallace The Great in BD competitions and rides her Welsh section D Coalman at medium level dressage believes a top time saver is to invest in a bigger broom and a leaf blower! 

Tor Fenwick, an international dressage rider and trainer Tor is based in Newnham, Hampshire where she produces a team of horses, says her top time saving tip is using brushing boots over bandages as it saves time taking them on and off.

Alexander Whewall, who hit the equestrian headlines in 2016 when, together with Chakiris Star, he won the Smith & Williamson British Intermediate Championships at the Festival of British Eventing, says: “Make sure all of your rugs are washed and reproofed in time for the weather to turn.  That way they will be clean and ready to go for when the horses are clipped.”

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