As an aspiring young dressage rider the ultimate goal, the dream career is to ride professionally. To turn my passion, my hobby, my entire childhood into a career that provides the necessities to live adequately and pursue the Grand Prix top spot. It's all I've ever wanted to do, but the reality of breaking into the professional equestrian world is beyond difficult, therefore funding and support is somewhat limited until you actually get that break.

As a result of this I have recently taken on a full time role, working 9 -5 Monday to Friday. As most aspiring professional horse riders know funding is key and crucial in order to break into the professional world. Therefore this job will provide me with the monetary ability to fund my riding, although funding much else will be somewhat limited, however the hours required take away my time to commit to my riding and therefore I find myself wondering will I ever be able to get to the top whilst working full time?

Well although I have the doubts creeping in I am determined to not let my riding or my ambition to make it to the top in the Dressage world slip, this now means 5am starts to get all the horses ready and prepared for the day. Riding first thing in the morning and immediately after work when I am home. Along with any spare moments completely dedicated to the sport, you have to make sacrifices to be successful in the equestrian world but for the things you love you give whatever you can.

If I have the chance to make it to the top of course I'm going to give it everything I can, wouldn't you? You regret things you don't do and giving up on your dream is just not an option, so no matter how tired or drained I will be out on that yard every morning, every evening, every spare moment. If you want it badly enough you can make it happen. People in the past have told me it's not possible, you'll only ride for pleasure at lower levels, to go pro you need to ride all day everyday and be ridiculously rich, well I think its about time someone proved these people wrong and that person will be me.

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