Be someone’s bra, says Team Animalife’s Christy McLean

by Lucy Johnson - 01/07/2019 - Comments ( 0 )

We’re all guilty of procrastinating, and dreaming of achieving those goals we set our selves on our horses. But sometimes it’s the thought of what people might be saying that puts us off - the equine world can be very cruel.


Team Animalife’s Christy McClean gives advise on how to ignore the negativity and enjoy competing on your horse right now. Because there is no time like the present to kick on and do it.



How does it feel to win at a competition? Pretty awesome right? The day ends with a much deserved glass of wine, which coincides with a share of your achievement to the world of social media. In come the likes, the congratulations and well dones, and for a few moments you feel euphoric, blessed and popular. And you deserve that pat on the back, because you’ve worked hard for your success.


Except sometimes there are lurkers, the ones that envy your dream, the ones that are pleased when things aren’t going well, the ones that have been unkind or knocked you down. Sound familiar?


I’ve encountered a fair few of those lurkers, a few trolls, a few that simply cannot bring themselves to say anything positive. “You’re too fat for him,” “you can’t ride,” “you’re a bad rider,” “he’ll never go far,”  the list goes on. 


I ran into one of my trolls five days before my recent win at medium, and the above list was reeled off once again. Imagine my delight when I was able to post on social media that we had won on our first attempt at that level.


Her criticism hadn’t put me off - it just made me try harder because against the odds, and whatever challenges life throws at me, I have decided to turn every negative into a positive for myself and my team mate.


You see this is your life, your horse and your dream and only you can achieve those goals - so get out there and do it!


I have spent thousands on lessons, hours in the saddle, I’ve cried, I’ve lost my mojo, heck, I’ve even contemplated selling all my horses and taking up knitting! But when your best friend or partner gives you a reality check and encourages you to look at how far you’ve come, that’s when you pull your big girl knickers right up and push on. 


Equestrianism is not an easy sport to be in, FACT, so surround yourself with those who are stood by your side overcoming hurdles with you, not stood behind you waiting for you to fall.

- Post that photo, heck post it again! 

- Dam right he’s handsome, say that over and over!

- Post progress photos!

- Post the bad days too.

- Include the fails!


But most of all - BE SOMEONE’S BRA! Be the support to someone else’s dream, be the shoulder on the bad days and the ‘top fan’ poster on the good days.


It’s quick and easy to pass a bitter comment, it can hurt someone for a long time, but here I am surrounded in a shrine of beautiful photos, a pin board brimming with red rosettes, sashes and I have three of the most honest, genuine and willing horses that are all native breeds, inexpensive yet owe me nothing. Does it really matter that a handful of people don’t want to stand by me? 

No-  because I’ve come this far without them and I’m not stopping any time soon.


From one BRA to another. You rock! Enjoy every moment, you’ve earned it, you deserve it!

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