The Festive season is here!

We asked our Team Animalife riders what’s on their Christmas wish list and what Animalife product they’ll be giving to their horses. From everyone at Animalife, we wish you a wonderful festive season and warm wishes for 2019.

International event rider Piggy French

What would be your perfect Christmas present and why?

I’m just really looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my son  Max as he’ll be nearly two and a half so starting to understand what it’s all about which is exciting!

What’s your favourite Animalife product and why?

I use Vetroflex on a lot of my horses and find it’s a great way to keep the horses feeling in top shape so they can perform at their best.

Amateur rider Suzanne Ashwell

What would be your perfect Christmas present and why?

A weather controller - then I can ensure perfect ground conditions at all times, and make sure we have the right amount of grass / hay!

What’s your favourite Animalife product and why?

Vetroflex - to keep Super Jack feeling like a much younger pony!

Amateur rider Rachel Webb

My prefect Christmas present would be that Billy becomes fit and sound after three months off with a pelvis injury and a Foxy 3.5t horsebox so that we can travel to events in style next year.

My favourite Animalife product is Vetrofen Intense I love the convenience the sachets provide and have been part of my kit this season I wouldn't leave home without them! 

Also my boyfriends’ working Labrador Jake has started taking the Vetrofen Pet and I have seen a massive difference in him after a hard days shooting. 

Amateur rider Sharon Edwards

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Waterproof jodhpurs – I was given a pair last year and they made my whole winter better!

Favourite product?

I love my Vetrofen Intense. It has made all the difference to Rivaal, especially when he injured himself this summer. 

Junior event rider Daisy Bathe

What would be your perfect Christmas present and why? 

To go on holiday somewhere warm! We haven’t managed to get away for a while as we have been really busy so it would be nice to have a relaxing break for a few days in the sun. 

What’s your favourite Animalife product and why? 

We love Vetrofen because it’s easy to use and very effective. 

International event rider Austin O’Connor

What would be your perfect Christmas present?

I’ve just bought myself a rather lovely three-year-old so I think that counts!

Favourite Animalife product?

We love all the products but particularly couldn’t live without Vetrocalm which we feel has made a huge difference to how several of our horses have performed in the dressage arena and has improved their marks dramatically. There’s Vetrocalm Intenst Instnat Syringes which work instantly, and Vetrocalm Healthy for behavioural support in horses.

Amateur rider Christy McLean

Perfect Christmas present?

A few extra hours in the day maybe and if Santa could bring me a new horse box that would be a huge help! 

Favourite Animalife product?

Vetroflex Original, which targets joint health and performance, for daily use and Vetrofen Healthy for when all four feet leave the floor. Coalman feels supple and active all the time and I wouldn’t use anything else!


Dressage rider Tor Fenwick

My perfect Christmas present would be endless energy, as it annoys me when I get tired, however this isn’t really realistic. I love clothes and shoes so anything not horsey and pretty!

What’s your favourite Animalife product and why?

My favourite Animalife product is Vetroflex intense. It absolutely brilliant! It is the only product I use at away shows to ensure my horses stay on top form and have the energy they need.

International event rider Alexander Whewall

What would be your perfect Christmas present and why? 

A hot holiday somewhere.  It would be nice to get some sun and a few days off.

Favourite Animalife product?

Vetrocalm Intense - it’s our not-so-secret weapon for the dressage phase.