Animalife’s specifically formulated supplements for veteran horses can really make a difference when temperatures plummet. Find out why here.

Winter has arrived and the temperatures are bitterly cold. It’s crucial that extra care is taken of veteran horses so that they aren’t enduring periods of discomfort or increased stress because cold weather and longer periods in the stable can really take their toll on older horses, leading to weight loss, reduced mobility and sometimes increased anxiety levels.

First and foremost, feeding top quality fibre is essential as horses can use up to 80% of their energy from eating to keep warm, which is one of the biggest factors that leads to weight loss.

A diet rich in top quality fibre – think bulging hayets, overflowing haybars and mounds of hay in the field – is essential as it is this that is the most warming component of a diet as heat is produced during digestion.

 However, it’s not just plenty of hay or haylage that will help stave off general discomfort, a reduction in mobility or feeings of anxiety.

Adding a supplement to the hard feed can really help keep your horse happy during this bitterly cold spell.

At Animalife we manufacture our supplements in life stages, so that each is specially made with ingredients to suit your horse’s age.

For veterans we’ve created the senior range which includes Vetrocalm Senior and Vetroflex Senior. Vetrocalm Healthy for every life stage, helps with comfort and recovery.


Vetrocalm Senior, for calming and behaviour,  is scientifically formulated to create a synergistic effect for the behavioral support of horses. This means it can help keep him feeling more relaxed and a little calmer about life if he’s enduring more time in the stable, he’s feeling extra fresh due to the nip in the air, or he finds some situations stressful.

It contains high quality bio-available magnesium together with important C + B vitamin, minerals and amino acids. Natural peppermint, known for its effect on settling the gut, is also in the formula.

By feeding Vetrocalm Healthy, you’re helping your horse relax and if he’s facing a particularly challenging situation, Vetrocalm Intense INSTANT can be used as a boost.

Professionals and veterinarians have found that once you start feeding Vetrocalm Healthy the horse will feel the effect in 2 – 5 days, some may take a little longer of 6 – 10 days.

Vetroflex Senior provides specific additional nutritional support to help the older horse maintain its overall well-being, flexibility and quality of life.

The support it provides is broken down as follows:

Joint support: Targeted amino acids and antioxidants help maintain healthy joint cartilage and connective tissues.

Respiratory support: When a horse is stabled the antioxidant requirements within its lungs increase. Vetroflex Senior contains a wide range of anti oxidants, particularly vitamin C which is known for its direct effect on lung antioxidant levels.

Digestive support: The FOS Prebiotic allows optimal function of the digestive system.

A broad spectrum of B vitamins provide a pick me up and replenish any drop in the horse’s own production caused by a reduced fibre intake.

Hoof support via biotin, methionine and zinc for healthy hooves.

Immune support:  The FOS and antioxidants work together to provide additional support to the horse’s own natural immune defences.

Freezing weather, dampess, snow and mud can really take their toll on you horse’s joints. Standing around in his table won’t help either. Help keep your horse sound, mobile and as flexible as possible by feeding Vetrofen Healthy for everyday comfort and relief while the cold winds bite.

At Animalife, we always strive to be at the forefront of equine nutrition and all our products are rigorously tested. Each are also part of our CLEAN SPORT and ANTI-DOPING tested programme, which means they are safe!

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