As a top-level coach, we asked Team Animalife’s Mark Corbett, UKCC Level 3 Coach and U18 British Eventing Coach for the South East Mark Corbett, how he advises a rider to improve their confidence and to help them to stop worrying about what might go wrong?

Mark told us that “the biggest bit of advice that I give to all of my clients and the U18 juniors who I coach, is to have a plan.

“It is important to go into every competition with a plan and to make sure you plan for the competition in your training, whether that is using the correct aids, learning how to ride into a corner, etc. If you don’t have a plan before you go into something, it is very difficult to succeed.

‘Failing to plan means planning to fail,’ if you like.

“Focusing on a plan is also really important for me as a trainer, as I work with a number of younger riders in the U18 programme to improve their performance, but in a relatively short space of time.

“I can’t work on every single aspect of their riding and connection with their horse in one 45 minute session, so if I can focus on, for example, just three things during that time, for instance, one of those being to improve their position over a jump, then we can make incremental progress that way.”