Hi, my names Abby I’m a 19yo event rider from Cheshire with my 8yo super star King Champ who I’ve brought on from a 4year old. It’s fair to say I’ve had the most amazing past few months. After all me and Champ have been through over the past 18 months it would appear to be coming together like I could only ever dream of. 
I’ve had an amazing team behind me, including my fantastic sponsors Equestyle, HantonCavalier and my newest sponsors Animalife, who’ve had great faith in me and my hard work with my amazing partner and best friend that is my wonder horse, Champ.  The 18 months prior had been one big rollercoaster of problem after problem (dispensary problems and sarcoid surgery) and finally we came out the other side. I decided at this moment that I wasn’t going to be taken down again easily and that I had to ride everything like it was my last chance, take risks, and push like nothing was enough. 
I started with a BE100 at Wawrick Hall to get us back into the swing of things, with a 31.3 dressage, admittedly it wasn’t our best dressage but it was a good start we then went on to get an unlucky 4 faults in the show jumping where every other rider had poles flying, it wasn’t easy. Then for the cross country my heart was racing, was my cross country King going to be the same? Yes he certainly was, flying round a technical course with questions left, right and centre putting us into 4th position leaving my speechless. I realised that we were back and that was only the beginning of us, watch out people we are coming. 
I was then selected to go on and represent the Area at Swallcliffe for the British Riding Club National Eventing Finals in the 100. With only one event under the belt and some practice done, we went for it. It was an honour to be part of such a prestigious event over an old fashioned 3 day format including the challenging roads and tracks. With a whole new arena to get used to (20x60) I was over the moon to come out with 28.3 dressage. There were some tough challenges over the course of the weekend, it brought me to tears to find out me and my boy had won, my partner of a life time who I’ve brought on from a green 4 year old, the roller coaster we had been through, he is my Champion the Wonder Horse. Not only that but we came out the other side with another Sponsorship, a big thankyou to Animalife for supplying me with some amazing VertoFlex I can’t wait to #FeelTheDifference in him.
Vetroflex, like all their products, is completely natural, it helps support strong, flexible, healthy joints and bones, ideally my aim is to use it as general maintenance then when close to competitions where ground could be hard and sting his joints and bones I will up the amount in his feed for that extra support.
My next move was Somerford International BE100, I knew it was another challenge but what is life worth living for without the challenges? The reason I had this in mind was because I’m now planning for the next exciting move in a couple of months which will be our first Novice, all being well of course! It was new and big experience to me but me and champ both approached it with heads held high coming out with a whopping 27.8 Dressage and storming round to finish with a double clear, unfortunately I got a bit carried away and ended up with 1.6 penalties for being too fast which dropped us from 3rd to 4th. But never the less still filled with joy, excitement and happiness of what we were capable of. 
Next to step the practice up abit ready for the next level (Novice)!
I have also had some amazing teachers including the amazing Niki De Macedo and Chloe Vell who have brought me and Champ back to our feet and geared my motivation and energy in the right direction. I would also like to mention that Willberry the Wonder Pony has travelled with me around every cross country course this season on my saddle pad so be sure to get your hands on one of those, brilliant cause and a truly inspirational young lady. 
Thankyou for reading my story over the past few months believe me there is a lot more to come, we are back and fighting. I would like to leave you with a message to think on…
If you ever fall and feel like giving up, DON’T. If you want something, like me, go out there and get it, you will get it but I will tell you this now it doesn’t come easy, there will be tears and a lot of sweat they’re a sign of how much it means to you, but  only if you fight through the tears. Those tears come in forms of joy in the end, for me those tears just keep coming. It’s all come from my best friend and my partner in crime because that’s the thing that brings you the happiness, what you achieve together, your goals and your achievements, no one else’s.