As a self confessed dressage lover showjumping is far from my training routine, the past 5 years I have concentrated solely on dressage and produced my horse within this discipline, who now is working at Advanced Medium level. However my horse is in actual fact a show-jumper through and through, before I bought him he was a grade A jumper travelling across the globe competing in some of the biggest and toughest tracks out there.

He has proved himself a versatile and talented chap, top-level in showjumping and quickly climbing the ranks of dressage there doesn't seem much he can't do. After 5 years concentrating on dressage the thought popped into my mind maybe I'll try tackling a few albeit small fences for a bit of variety in the school. This was a very spur of the moment decision, having never seriously show jumped with my only knowledge coming from my pony club days and being out of practice for over 5 years this was quite the challenge.

Before I could really think about what I was doing I was already approaching the first fence... and to my absolute delight instinct kicked in and previous showjumping practice came flooding back. The jumping bug was back, I was popping round a small grid and was in my element as was my horse who came alive with excitement. I found myself wondering why hadn't I done this sooner?

My horse was an absolute pleasure to jump, he makes the most beautiful shape and gives you the loveliest safe, comfortable ride. I definitely don't think I would have made the decision to show jump again if I was aboard any other horse, he truly is special and his previous experience definitely made sure that I was in safe hands ( well hooves).

My confidence quickly came back and my desire to jump again has grown everyday since our little practice session, this has actually seen me hunt down a showjumping coach and I have my first proper lesson on the 26th of October. I am so excited to get back into the swing of jumping and am hoping to affiliate in the future, along of course with pursuing dressage at a high level, and who knows I might just be able to make it to the top in both disciplines on the same horse... quite the challenge but one I can't wait to try and tackle. I'll keep you up to date with the ups and downs of our journey, hopefully they'll be more ups than downs - wish us luck!