In the space of a week I have received my university results for my foundation degree in Equitation, Training and Behaviour, been accepted on to the Bachelors degree in Applied Equitation Science...and come to the conclusion somebody has swapped my normally calm and sensible ex-racehorse for a 'typical thoroughbred'.

With one of our planned fun rides on the 28th of August, I have been doing some more hill work whilst hacking to make sure his fitness is athe a good level.

Well, I think he will be ready for it somehow. Cruise is like no typical thoroughbred, he is usually laid back, calm, almost a plod at times but the past 2 days he has learned to piaffe past random things in bushes (of course being a human I cannot see them), refused to walk past an empty buggy, because it was a buggy and jogged most of our hour+ long hacks. Needless to say he is feeling very good at his grand old age of 21!

I am planning on taking him over some of the fun ride route in the coming days, we are very lucky to live only 10 minutes away from the start so I think a good blast along the common should get some of that energy out. Until then, I'm going to have a quiet word with him and explain that he is 21 and not the 2 year old racehorse he used to be whilst hoping this dry weather continues.