Alycia Stone has managed to get out and about with Rustler, enjoying some lovely autumn hacks. She even found some sunshine, lucky thing!

Hannah Pedley was lucky enough to have a lesson with the legendary Geoff Billington. She learned that the fundamentals for jumping are rythm and balance and explained that whilst training you don't have to jump big to work on these. He gave her several excersises to establish control and work on our rythm. Hannh said it was great to meet her idol and gain some new ideas for training.

Riah Hutchins took Memphis to the BE pony show jumping where he came 3rd and 4th. She is now preparing for her A level show jumping.

Courtney Bull was crowned champion in intro A and came 3rd in intro B in her local dressage league. She said this finishes off a really successful first year of competing Harry. 

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