“What an incredible year I have just had! It’s been 12 months since I took the ride on Woodcroft Garuda K who had been out of work (apart from his stud duties ) for quite some time.

So it was a huge challenge to get a horse of 18 years back into full competition fitness.

I'm immensely proud to say I did it! With careful planning, patience, the right exercise, correct feeding, Animalife supplements and plenty of TLC he is one fit, healthy, and above all, HAPPY horse.

This year we both had such an awesome time together competing at the British National Summer Champions where we finished in the top 3 placing across all days; and at two 3* Internationals with consistently high scores all season.

I do have a whole team who each have important individual jobs to help make this happen and I am truly grateful to each and everyone of them. It’s been a thrilling journey for all of us.

I am hoping this success can roll into 2020 as it has given me even more drive to reach my long term goals of one day being selected for Paralmpic Teams.”