Back in March I had a really bad accident on my horse Indie (a 6 year old Irish mare that we brought back in May 2015) which landed me a few trips to the hospital and overnight stays due to a severe concussion. It started when Indie started throwing in bucks and rears which gradually got worse and one day I ended up not being able to sit to them, consequently resulting me to fall off hard.

My parents and family wanted me to sell Indie or give her away which was never an option for me and I desperately fought to keep her. I knew that she had so much potential, she got me from being afraid to jump over 50cm to jumping a 1.20 course! Thankfully a family friend offered to school and retrain her for a few months to try and help get her back to herself. I couldn't ride Indie in fear that I would get seriously injured again and in fear that Indie herself wasn't ready for a change in rider other then my family friend, so I just spent just over 3 months grooming and bonding with her which eventually paid off with the help of my family's friend Rachael who spent 5 days a week schooling and riding her. During this time i rode other horses in order to build my confidence back up again.

Last week I finally got back on Indie to find that she was a completely different horse to the one at the beginning of the year, I was in floods of tears just being able to sit on her without the bucking and rearing let alone walk and trot her! It was an amazing achievement for the both of us. Hopefully we are aiming towards doing a small dressage competition at the end of the summer in order to slowly build her up back to competing. I am so glad that I decided to stick with her and not sell her and stick it thorough the rough times because she is starting to show her stunning potential that I knew she had.