Para dressage rider Laura Gulliver provides her latest update as she prepares to represent Great Britain at the CPEDI 3* at Bishop Burton riding Woodcroft Garuda K

by Lucy Johnson - 17/07/2019 - Comments ( 1 )

With just three weeks to go until our big International competition - we’ve been selected to represent GB at the CPEDI 3* at Bishop Burton College - there has been lots of planning and preparation going on for Woodcroft Garuda K and I.

My music for the freestyle is finished so a day in hospital having an infusion was the perfect opportunity to listen to it over and over so I really know it well. Full credit to Amanda Birch dressage music who has done an awesome job.

Garuda has had his teeth checked and we’ve made sure his vaccinations are all up to date, the physio and farrier will visit a little nearer the time and the lorry has had a service.

We have some test riding practise coming up with Judy Harvey and Clive Millins, who will be warming me up and helping at Bishop Burton, has stopped by to check on our training and to talk tactics.

On Saturday we will run through our new freestyle for the first time - just HC -  but it will be nice to get some feed back from a judge and it will also be useful as my school at home is the wrong size to practise music in.

 I'm very excited to be able to gauge reactions from friends and family who will hear it for the first time.We will also do the Para Individual Championship test class which will be good practise and a chance to gain points for winter qualifiers.


With the hot weather Garuda has been having his Vetrolytes PLUS electrolytes daily. We encourage him to drink using chopped up apple in his water, which is a great method to get extra fluids in when travelling him.


So right now, I'm focusing my schooling on this quote which I love:


“Good, better, best. 

Never let it rest. 

'Til your good is better and your better is BEST”

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Amanda Birch - 21/07/2019

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