Para Grade 4 international dressage rider Laura Gulliver has joined Team Animalife. In her first blog she explains why Vetroflex and Vetrofen are proving crucial for 18-year-old Woodcroft Garuda K

by Lucy Johnson - 13/06/2019 - Comments ( 0 )

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Laura Gulliver, a Para Grade 4 International Dressage rider (my disability being Rheumatoid Arthritis).


I am very privileged to ride the stallion Woodcroft Garuda K who is owned by Woodcroft Stud, Garuda is 18yrs old. Having previously competed at Grand Prix his joints and muscles have had many years being worked to the max.


I needed a supplement that could target these and help him when he felt a little stiff so he can continue to enjoy a high level of work and continue to compete, which he enjoys. Of course this meant finding a product that was free from banned substances for use under FEI rules.


Animalife ticked all these boxes and he’s fed AnimalifeVetroflex daily and Vetrofen Intense around competitions.


With the help of these Animalife products I am hoping to be selected to represent GB at a CPEDI in August, so lots of exciting updates to share with you as we prepare.


We have had a busy week with the Wellington Premiere League doing the Para Gold Semi – Finals where we came 4th in the Grade 4, just missing out on a ticket to the Nationals (only top 3 go through).


It was hugely disappointing as we had the same percentage as third place meaning it was decided on our collective score and I was just pipped by one point. That's dressage for you and the scores are always close at the top.


On a positive it was a good score for only our fourth competition together as we really are still getting to know one another between the boards.


Thank goodness we used the Vetrofen Intense to aid Garuda's comfort and recovery following the travelling, lots of standing around and an un-planned longer warm up because, just two days later, he was able to dance his socks off as we worked on our floor plan which we are producing together with Amanda Birch Dressage Music, hoping to create a super freestyle worthy of a CPEDI.


Garuda felt amazing, he loves to show off and to prove his flexibility so at the end I let him do one of his favourites - tempi changes!


Luckily we had photographer Jo Collins on hand to capture some fabulous photos of him which I will reveal very soon.

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