Team Animalife rider Tabby Oliver is getting ready for the season ahead with her two boys.

"I am writing this blog post whilst sat under a mountain of paperwork, I have schedules, entry forms, lists of shows, qualifiers and judges coming out of my ears, you can tell the season is upon us!"

"With winter still firmly in the air we haven't had the smoothest preparations for our first proper show of the season, 40mph winds aren't always condusive of productive work from the ponies! However we have managed to squeeze in a couple of winter shows as well as a clinic and a few trips to Stretcholt EC to use their indoor school."

"We've had plenty to work on with both Thistledown Xtra Cool(Thistle) and Mynach Orsino(Freddie) but that is what winter outings are for. Both ponies had their backs done last week and are feeling very well for it, although I have already noticed a huge improvement in both of them. It was lovely to see both ponies in the sun without their rugs on and I realised just how well they are both looking, it does relieve some of the stress to have them looking good in their physique and coats so early in the season."

"We are braving the cold and heading to Onley Grounds EC on Friday for a weekend of showing at the BSPS Area 6 and BSPS Area 17 Spring shows, it's brilliant that these two branches of the BSPS have organised to hold these shows on the same weekend at the same venue to save competitors money and hauling ponies all over the country so early in the season but still giving them two opportunities to qualify for the RIHS. It will be our first RIHS qualifiers and first stay away show of the season and we can't wait, it feels like an age since we went to a proper show! We are meeting up with friends there and I'm sure we will have a thoroughly good time regardless of the results, although obviously we would much rather be celebrating than commiserating you never know what mood the ponies will be in on the day."

"I am feeling incredibly out of practise at packing and organising the lorry, you forget just how much you need to take for a two day show, the list seems to grow by the hour! I always view the start of the RIHS qualifiers as the start of the season and it tends to become a bit of a mad rush until the end of October!"

"I can't wait for the summer shows and better weather(hopefully!), I have attached a summer photo of Thistle to keep us ploughing on through the wind, rain and cold."

"Animalife products have been a godsend over the winter and I know they will continue to be throughout the season. Here's hoping for good weather and a successful weekend!"