Are you looking for a sponsor? Here's our top tips to help you get the support you'd like. 

Firstly, Companies cannot just give away free products to everyone that requests this, if they did they would be bankrupt! Most Companies get hundreds of requests for them to send out free products weekly so in order to stand a good chance make sure you stand out; Message the company, introducing yourself and your horse(s) or pony(ies) stating that you'd love to work with them and your reasons why you'd be good for them. . Ask if they’re looking for any riders to sponsor at the moment, without directly asking for freebies. 

Do some research - look into their range of products and learn about the brand. If you have seen a product you think would be beneficial for you, your horse or pony? Love their latest blog or Facebook post? Mention that in the first message - it shows you've spent some time looking further into the brand. 

Like the pages on social media before you message – sounds simple but a company won’t be interested if you don’t even ‘like’ them! 

Sponsorship is a two way relationship. How can you promote the company? Are you regularly at events getting good results and able to publicise the brand?

Spelling, punctuation and grammar. A company will not want to be associated with you if these basic things are lacking. First impressions count - make yours amazing.  Good luck we hope this advice is beneficial for your future aspirations!

Good luck!