So far this season it has been a very rocky roller coaster! From being eliminated at the first jump, to thinking i may invest in a new horse, to coming 2nd and 4th in an 80cm/85cm Championship and flying over intermediate fences at Iping. Tigger has shone recently when we jumped a stunning double clear and a clear 1st round with an infuriating pole in the jump off which cost us first place but i was super super happy with my red and green rosettes! We've also just come back from Senior Camp where Tig didn't put a foot wrong the whole week, flying the 1m SJ and the 95-1.05 XC. So very happy at the moment with our huge progress since the start of the season and so hopefully many more blogs to come. I'm sure my new AL sweatshirt will be begging for a picture soon enough...!