Vetrofen Healthy gives 21-year-old Star a spring in his step!

by Lucy Johnson - 19/02/2019 - Comments ( 0 )

Animalife’s Vetrofen range offers something different for each type of horse. For older, inactive or healthy horses, give Vetrofen Healthy daily. For a horse competing or under an intensive work routine, give Vetrofen Intense daily then top up with Vetrofen Intense sachets or syringes before and after intense workouts or competition days.

Carrie Ashbolt began feeding Vetrofen Healthy to her Irish thoroughbred Shooting Star II in December and has witnessed incredible results.

21-year-old Kenny, as he is known at home, suffers from arthritis of his hocks, and reduced range of movement.

Carrie explained: “He has a history of hock pain with associated back and neck pain.  He has been managed over the years with various treatments to keep him on the road. 

“He started on Vetrofen Healthy in early December.  It wasn’t long before I started noticing a difference in him.  He’s much more comfortable in his frame and will take his head and neck out and down when stretching (which until now was always quiet an ask), and he’s willing to maintain it rather than for just a few strides.  

“He’s never had a good walk, yet now seems to have really started walking out.  Not only have I noticed a difference in his exercise but also in every day life. As you can imagine, at 21 things aren’t as fluid as they were. However, he marches out of his stable on a cold crisp morning.   What a super product and it is so pleasing to see how well my horse feels.”


Vetrofen works by targeting the body’s natural inflammatory response and supports comfort, function and flexibility in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that can all detract from performance.

Vetrofen also supports the body’s natural recovery mechanism after periods of intense activity. Whether you have a racehorse, competition horse, or you are busy in the showring, administer Vetrofen Intense Sachets before and after periods of intense activity to support your horse’s natural recovery mechanism.

Vetrofen is free from banned substances and is a 100% natural product. It is also FEI legal and used worldwide by professionals.


Shooting Star’s increased mobility and comfort, after being fed Vetrofen Healthy everyday, is another success story for Animalife’s Vetro Collection.



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